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Splash at Northwestern: March 2nd, 2024!

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VICTORIA COOLEY, NU graduate student studying ancient artifacts

College: Northwestern University

Major: Materials Science & Engineering

Year of Graduation: G

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Victoria is a PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering. She studies the chemistry of ancient artifacts, like Egyptian mummies, Roman coins, and Mesopotamian glasses. She earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a minor in African Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. When not on campus, she can be found upside-down on a yoga mat or competing at trivia night.

Past Classes

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A438: How to Spot a Fake: Become an Art Forgery Detective in Splash 2019 (Apr. 06, 2019)
Art forgers have had centuries to perfect their craft- and art forgery detectives have stayed one step ahead of them. But how exactly do these detectives spot the perfect fake? Students will learn how to use historical catalogs, X-ray data, and high-tech 3D images to examine ancient Roman coins and figure out if the artifacts are worthless forgeries or authentic pieces of history. Come learn how to be an art detective and solve a mystery thousands of years in the making!