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Splash at Northwestern: May 25th, 2024!

Spring Splash 2024: May 25th, 2024

Class times range from 50 minutes to 3 hours and 50 minutes, with 10 minutes between each class session to allow students to go to their next class. We generally recommend that classes not exceed 1 hour 50 minutes as we want students to be able to try as many classes as possible. There will be a one hour lunch break with free food provided to all teachers and volunteers. Even if you're not teaching until later in the day, come by to get food as thanks for teaching!

Prior to the event

Make sure you submit all room and classroom material requests before the teacher registration deadline! We need to approve all classroom purchases beforehand in order for you to receive your reimbursement up to 30 dollars. If you plan on requesting a reimbursement, please read the section "After the event." If you need specific AV equipment, safetyequipment, or other attributes for your classroom, make sure you request it as you're registering your classroom so we can find a room that fits your needs. In April, we will have a series of teacher workshops for you to get a better sense of the community you'll be teaching to and how to apply best pedagogical practices towards your lesson planning and teaching. This will be a great opportunity to improve your teaching abilities!

Dates to Remember

Teacher Training Sessions

If you need help developing your class, don't worry! All interested teachers are required to attend both Teacher Training Sessions!

Teacher Training 1: April 25 at 4pm in Kresge 2420 OR April 27 at 3pm in Kresge 2420

If you have any issues with attendance or any other concerns, please reach out to us at splash@u.northwestern.edu as soon as possible!

Info Sessions

Our Spring Splash Info Sessions have passed but we will be presenting basic info at the teacher training sessions. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out via email!

Day of the event

On the day of the event, we ask that teachers check in at least 30 mins before your first class so that we know that you're present and ready to teach. Registration is in the lobby of Kresge. Info about the location can be found here. This is also when you'll get important information like your class roster! Lunch will be provided.

10 AM to 11 AM: First class slot.
11 AM to 12 PM: Second class slot.
12 PM to 1 PM: Lunch.
1 PM to 2 PM. Third class slot.
2 PM to 3 PM. Fourth class slot.

After the event

Please keep all itemized receipts. The itemized receipts will need to contain the following:
  • What was purchased
  • When it was purchased
  • Where it was purchased (address and phone number)
  • A zero balance or paid in full

During the event, we'll distribute reimbursement forms and after your reimbursement request is approved, you can pick up your reimbursement from the Cashier's Office in Norris. Please note: We are unable to reimburse for sales taxes due to Northwestern University reimbursement protocols.

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