Splash at Northwestern: Winter Splash February 26th, 2023

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Splash at Northwestern will be held in Winter and Spring of 2023

What is Splash at Northwestern? Splash at Northwestern is a student organization at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. We’re dedicated to providing unique and fun learning opportunities to high school students in the greater Chicago area, especially for students coming from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal is to empower high school students to select classes that they enjoy and allowing students to experience a day in the life of a college student. We also want to provide valuable teaching experience and outreach opportunities to the Northwestern community.

We invite you to participate in Splash, an unconventional educational experience at Northwestern University's Evanston campus. High school students from the Chicagoland area can take short courses in fascinating subjects that wouldn’t be covered in a traditional school curriculum. Northwestern students design their own courses in any subject they choose, from nanomaterials to sign language! High school students will then choose their classes for the day, learning from Northwestern’s brightest, and most creative undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and staff.

This year, we will be hosting Splash Winter in February 2023 and Splash Spring in April 2023. Splash Winter will be held at the downtown Northwestern campus (Streeterville) for the first time! We hope that this will be more convenient for many of our students.
Date: Sunday, February 26th, 2023 (and late April 2023!)
Location: Northwestern University Downtown Campus
Cost: Free (lunch included with registration)!
Interested in teaching? Click on the Teach tab for more information!

For students:
If you are interested in registering as a student, please check out the student tab for more information. Student registration will open in January 2023!

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