What should I teach for Splash?

Anything you're passionate about! Splash is designed for you to explore your own interests and hobbies so you can feel comfortable to teach it! The goal is for you to have an audience of highly interested students listening to you talk about what you know best.

Really? Anything? That seems a bit broad...

We do encourage that classes be age-appropriate and balanced. If you have any questions about how appropriate your class is or how you could modify it to make it better, feel free to contact the directors of Splash at splash@u.northwestern.edu and we'll work with you to make your class great!

I have a great idea, but I'm not too comfortable being a teacher...

That's also fine! Splash is meant for you to grow as a teacher and communicator as well. To this end, we'll provide professional teacher workshops so you can see how to develop a lesson plan and how to teach a class effectively. We can also work with you to design course materials so you and your students can get the most out of your Splash experience.

What kinds of things have been taught at programs like this in the past?

If you're looking for inspiration, check out the class catalogs from previous years:







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