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Splash at Northwestern: Spring Splash May 27th, 2023!

Meet the Splash executive board!

Chloe Chow, 

Hi, I’m Chloe! I’m a third year majoring in Religious Studies and Classics. I’m serving as Co-President of Splash with Tom this year. I decided to join Splash way back in freshman year because I’m passionate about free and open education, especially for marginalized communities. I’m excited to take on a bigger role this year as we continue to learn and improve alongside our teachers and students!

Thomas Sheridan, Co-President

Tom admin bio picture

Classes: Magic Space Balloons and You: Molecular Orbitals and How Chemistry Really Works; How To Lose Money on the Internet: Political Statistics and Prediction Markets

I decided to get involved with Splash because I had interests outside of chemistry that I wanted to teach about. I also wanted to get experience teaching in my own style rather than being told what to teach and how to teach it as a TA. 

Jankhna Sura, Treasurer & Marketing

Hi I’m Jankhna! I’m a sophomore majoring in RTVF and Psychology & currently serving as the Marketing Chair and Treasurer of Splash Northwestern. I decided to join Splash because I attended UNC Chapel Hill’s Splash event as a high school junior and loved the perspective and passion that undergraduate students brought to teaching. When I got to college, I knew I wanted to teach a course of my own, and last year I taught about the psychology of romantic attraction in a class called  “How to Win A Guy in 10 Days.” I’ve loved being a student and a teacher through Splash and am hoping for a great year!

Remy Sattar, Communications

Hi! My name is Remy and I’m the Director of Communications at Splash. I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology, with minors in Spanish and Business Institutions. I taught a Splash course last year called Insights into the Brain through Case Studies and loved the experience so I decided to join exec. I'm so excited for this year!

Ben VanPelt,
Teacher Recruitment

Hey! I’m Ben VanPelt (he/him) and the Co-Director of Teacher Recruitment. I am from Greenville, South Carolina and am a second year whose major is undecided, but my current interests lie in Biology and Psychology. Something about me: I am probably one of the biggest Beyoncé fans you’ll ever meet and even taught a class on her Lemonade album!

Rohan Wedam,
Teacher Recruitment

Hey, I’m Rohan! I am one of the Directors for Teacher Recruitment. I am a sophomore studying chemistry and data science. Previously I have taught classes on intro to debate and on applied chemistry in daily life. I joined Splash because I thought it would be the perfect way for me to share my passion for learning and allow me to develop my teaching skills!

Lorenzo Jennings,
Teacher Training

Hey, I'm Lorenzo Jennings and I'm a second-year double majoring in Secondary Teaching in Math and Statistics with a minor in Computer Science. I'm passionate about hiking/backpacking, running, and music after having started piano when I was 4. I am a Director for Teacher Training this year for Splash, and I decided to become involved because I'm excited to apply some skills I've learned through my major so far while developing my own skill set as a teacher. I would love to positively influence Splash while helping support teachers and the conference itself for years to come!

Anthony Kang,
Teacher Training

Hello! I'm Anthony, a third year undergrad majoring in Creative Writing and RTVF.  I am one of the Directors of Teacher Training alongside Lorenzo, and I decided to join Splash because I've always really appreciated people teaching me new and exciting content, and I wanted to be able to give back. Some of my interests outside school are listening to music, reading, watching movies, and watching the stars at night.

Nancy Zhen,
Student Recruitment

Howdy! I’m Nancy Zhen, a Psychology major who is Splash’s Co-Director of Student Recruitment. I had a lot of fun teaching embroidery as a Splash teacher, and am super passionate about equitable education access. Also, who doesn’t like free classes??? Please talk to me about your hobbies! I love playing the ukulele, thrift shopping, jamming to music,  watching anime, and moreee!

Hannah Goldenberg,
 Student Recruitment

Hannah Goldenberg Admin Photo

Hey! I’m Hannah and I’m the Co-Director of Student Recruitment and currently the sole member of the website team. I’m a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering. I taught a Splash course last year on science and history and participated in Yale’s Splash when I was in high school. I joined Splash exec because I’ve had amazing experiences on both the learning and teaching sides of Splash and hope to share that with more students and teachers!

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