Splash at Northwestern: Winter Splash January 21, 2023

Meet the Splash executive board!

Shreya Chimpiri, President

Shreya admin bio picture

Hey y'all, I'm a senior at Northwestern University majoring in sociology and legal studies with a focus on crime and justice. Next year, I'll be going on to get my masters of philosophy in criminology at the University of Cambridge.

My research interests include mass incarceration, the revolving door phenomenon of prison recidivism, and the structural and systemic injustices present within the criminal justice system in the United States. 

Outside of academics, I enjoy watching Bull, reading One Piece, and going on scavenger hunts with my friends. I can't wait to meet all of you and pick your brains. Come curious ~
Norman Luu, Treasurer

Norman admin bio picture

Pronouns: he/him/his

Hi! I am the current treasurer of Splash. Previously, I was the Splash president from 2019-2021 and helped host the first online Splash at Northwestern. Currently, I'm a PhD Candidate in the Materials Science and Engineering department at NU, and I've taught "Intro to Materials Science" at Splash after volunteering at several outreach events during my undergraduate career. I grew up in Chicago, and I love being able to give back to other Chicagoland students through education outreach.

Chloe Chow, Social Media and Marketing Chair

Chloe admin bio picture

Pronouns: She/her

Hi! I'm Chloe! I am the Splash Social Media and Marketing Chair. I'm a sophomore majoring in Religious Studies and Classics. I taught a class on Forensics last year at the national Splash event. I decided to get involved in Splash because I have an interest in teaching and education equity!
Thomas Sheridan, Director of Teacher Training

Tom admin bio picture

Classes: Magic Space Balloons and You: Molecular Orbitals and How Chemistry Really Works; How To Lose
Money on the Internet: Political Statistics and Prediction Markets

I decided to get involved with Splash because I had interests outside of chemistry that I wanted to teach about. I also wanted to get experience teaching in my own style rather than being told what to teach and how to teach it as a TA. 
Zach Ladwig

Zach is a third year PhD candidate in Neuroscience. He researches individual differences in functional brain organization and what about our brains makes each of us unique. He has a degree in Chemical & Biological Engineering from Tufts University. He likes to be outside, reading stories, or watching live music.
Yaurie Hwang,  Director of Communications

Yaurie admin bio picture

Hi! I’m Yaurie, and I’m majoring in Computer Science and Learning Sciences. I’m currently the Director of Communications at Splash. I joined Splash last year as a volunteer and moderated as many classes as I could. I saw how much Splash meant to students, teachers, and the executive members, and I wanted to join immediately. I’m hoping to teach a human development course for this upcoming program!

Ethan Lipka, Website team

Pronouns: He/Him

Hi, I'm Ethan, a senior studying politcal science and data science. As a kid I participated in Splash at Stanford so naturally I love giving back to the program today. In my experience the students are what makes Splash great so I try to center them as much as possible when working on our program.

Rohith Jayaraman, Website team

Rohith admin bio picture
Hey, I am Rohith, a master’s student in Computer Science at Northwestern. I am part of the website team at Splash. I became a part of Splash because I wanted to help inspire young students, get them interested in CS and show them how amazing the field can be.  I was inspired in a similar manner when I was younger and I wanted to pass it on and inspire a new generation of students. 

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