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Splash at Northwestern: Spring Splash May 27th, 2023!

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SHREYA CHIMPIRI, NU Splash President

College: Northwestern University

Major: Legal Studies and Sociology

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Hey y'all,

I'm a senior at Northwestern University majoring in sociology and legal studies with a focus on crime and justice. Next year, I'll be going on to get my masters of philosophy in criminology at the University of Cambridge.

My research interests include mass incarceration, the revolving door phenomenon of prison recidivism, and the structural and systemic injustices present within the criminal justice system in the United States.

Outside of academics, I enjoy watching Bull, reading One Piece, and going on scavenger hunts with my friends. I can't wait to meet all of you and pick your brains. Come curious ~

Past Classes

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H598: The Rationality Behind Criminality: Influences, Motivations, and Incentives of Criminal Behavior in Splash 2022 (Apr. 02, 2022)
What is keeping me from just taking my neighbor’s amazon packages? Who is really going to punish me if I take more than one piece of halloween candy? How can I not get caught when I sneak out at night against my parents wishes? If you’ve though any of these thoughts, either out loud or in your head, you’re in the right place. In this class, we’ll be investigating how various societal actors employ either informal or formal social controls to prevent us from engaging in societally undesirable acts. You’ll be exposed to various philosophical perspectives on criminal behavior and then engage in a lively simulation with your fellow classmates to practice what you learnt. No prior knowledge or criminal record is required to attend. Just come curious ~

H517: Introduction to Navigating the Courtroom: Hands on Learning For Future Pre-Law students in Splash 2020 Fall (Online) (Nov. 14, 2020)
To get what you want, you got to be able to fight for it. Whether it be a multi-million dollar business deal, a decade long fight for custody, or a crucial decision about whether to lock someone up for the rest of their days, being a good debater is an invaluable skill to win the high risk, high reward cases that lawyers are presented with everyday. Come be a part of TWO engaging courtroom simulations where you'll get the chance to work as part of a legal defense team and create an argument on your own about topics on the docket right now. Think you have what it takes to be the next big lawyer?