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Splash at Northwestern: May 25th, 2024!

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College: Northwestern University

Major: Theoretical and Applied Mechanic

Year of Graduation: G

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S288: Wicked Webs: Exploring Spider Silk in Splash 2014 (Apr. 06, 2014)
Anyone who’s seen Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter knows that spiders can be REALLY creepy. But did you know that the webs these critters make have FASCINATING science behind them? Join us as we explore spider silk, a material with amazing properties all the way down to the molecular level. (And who knows? Maybe Peter Parker will make a guest appearance!)

E226: Understanding Materials: How to Build Your Own Graphene in Splash 2013 (Apr. 06, 2013)
Have you heard of the supermaterial from the future, graphene!? Think you know why all brittle and rubbery materials behave the way they do? Come learn all this (and more!!!), while at the same time designing YOUR own graphene. In this session, teams of students will assemble their own models of graphene structures while learning to link material properties with the behavior we see in the "real world".