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Splash at Northwestern: March 2nd, 2024!

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PATRICIA TANG, NU Junior, violist, music student.

College: Northwestern University

Major: MMSS, Economics, Music, IMC

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Patricia Tang is a junior at Northwestern studying Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Economics, Music, and Integrated Marketing Communications. In addition to her musical studies at NU, she has previously studied music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Patricia is a classically-trained violist and has performed in six countries. Her love of minimalist music started in the sixth grade, when she heard her first Philip Glass piece.

In her spare time, she likes coffee and video games.

Past Classes

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A416: Minimalism and Music: From Taiko to The Beatles in Splash 2019 (Apr. 06, 2019)
What is music, and what makes a piece of music what it is? In this class, we'll be exploring this question by examining musical works from all around the world and from a variety of time periods that challenge the meaning of what a piece of music is. We'll be relating all of these works to an overarching concept of musical minimalism, where musicians try to make music with as few variations of sound, rhythm, melody, and harmony as possible. In this class, we'll listen to Japanese taiko, Gregorian chants, and works by Ligeti, Glass, Reich, Cage, and The Beatles. We'll also read a piece of minimalist music, Steve Reich's Clapping Music, together!