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Splash at Northwestern: May 25th, 2024!

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OLGA KOROBOVA, NU Freshman studying Slavic Studies and Spanish

College: Northwestern University

Major: Spanish, Slavic Studies

Year of Graduation: 2015

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My name is Olga and I'm a current freshman at Northwestern. I am double-majoring in Spanish and Slavic Studies and am also planning on getting Secondary Teaching certification in Spanish Education.
I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and moved to the US when I was six. I now live in Buffalo Grove, a Northwest suburb of Chicago. I am bilingual (Russian and English) and grew up in a very Russian environment. In my house, only Russian was spoken, and I was raised on Russian music, films, and television. I'm especially interested Russian folklore and 20th century Russian poetry.
Currently, I am working on becoming trilingual with my study of Spanish. My future plans involve teaching Spanish at the high school level while pursuing my studies in Russian literature and cultural topics. Outside of the academic world, I love writing and translating songs and poetry, dancing, singing, swimming, waterfall-hunting, and traveling the US and the world.

Past Classes

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A146: Rabbits, Wolves, and Cats, Oh My! Exploring Soviet Cartoons in Splash 2012 (Mar. 31, 2012)
We will be watching episodes from two of the most famous childrens' cartoons of the Soviet Union: Nu Pogodi and Kot Leopold. After viewing the episodes, we will discuss the relevance of these cartoons to the American public, the purpose of the Soviet government in filming these cartoons, and the reason for the enormous popularity of these cartoons among both Soviet children and adults. Come join us for a fun-filled hour of cartoon animal chases, laughter, and discussion. Russian candy/snacks will be provided!