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Splash at Northwestern: May 25th, 2024!

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College: Northwestern University

Major: Neuroscience

Year of Graduation: G

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X575: A window into the mind: Meditation and your Brain in Splash 2022 (Apr. 02, 2022)
In this course, we will discussing a bit about the background, theory, and practice of meditation. Often associated with Buddhism, forms of meditation can be found among many other religious and non-religious groups. Nonetheless, Buddhist meditation serves as a good springboard to understanding the general goals of many forms of meditation, with the main aims often being the calming of the mind through concentration-type meditation, and the longer term path of understanding and gaining insight into one's own mind and emotions. Meditation is not easy, and many find boring, but for some this practice can be incredibly fruitful and interesting given patient efforts over time. There will be a little bit of actual dabbling with a few basic meditation techniques, but it'll be more important to understand WHY meditation is done and why it might make sense to pursue it further. I spent time in Asia in meditation centers and will also talk about some of my experiences there, but do not consider myself Buddhist or identify myself with any religious groups, so will be keeping things agnostic.