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Splash at Northwestern: March 2nd, 2024!

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STEPHEN WYLIE, Computer Science grad student @ NU

College: Northwestern University/Hewlett-Packard

Major: Computer Science

Year of Graduation: G

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Hi! My name is Stephen Wylie. I hail from Grapevine, TX, and received my bachelors at NU in computer engineering, am pursuing my masters in computer science, and have a job lined up at Hewlett-Packard after graduation.

I love programming computer software, particularly Web and mobile development, and developing custom solutions for companies that can help them leverage technology to the fullest extent. Besides that, I am an avid vintage game show collector, with my favorite era being the 1970s and early '80s. I love the creative game concepts, witty hosts, tacky clothes and sets, and the impeccable production techniques of talented directors like Marc Breslow and the late Ira Skutch. My favorite game show by far is The Price is Right, but I also particularly enjoy The Joker's Wild, early Wheel of Fortune, Tic Tac Dough, and Double Dare, and more obscure titles such as Whew!, High Rollers, and Hit Man. I am also a collector of music used on game shows, and have over 9 hours of cues for The Price is Right alone.

When I'm not programming or watching game shows, I am probably trading stocks, or more likely, stock options. Options are a great way to profit from *any* (or even *no*) motion in a stock. Not that you should follow my moves in general, though, but I'm hopeful on a position in crude oil I just took!

See my site at http://www.stev-o.us

Past Classes

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X107: Fun and Game Shows! in Splash 2011 (Apr. 02, 2011)
Are you a game show fanatic? This class will explore the history of television game shows from the 1950s to the present. We will also discuss some of the electronics and technology used in building the sets, and cool software used in developing games, from game board design to motion recognition. But more importantly, you might even be invited to Come On Down and play your favorite game for prizes!