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Splash at Northwestern: Spring Splash May 27th, 2023!

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ANDREW REITER, Northwestern Chemical Engineering Senior

College: Northwestern University

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Andrew studies chemical engineering now, but is experienced in many fields. An amateur explosives expert, he spent his past two summer in Boston working for a company that specializes in military technology. With a self-taught electrical engineering and computer science background, Andrew is heading to grad school next year to conquer the final frontier - mechanical engineering. He spends much of his free time building robots; some that win competitions, some that do your bidding, and some that are just funny to watch. Andrew also enjoys Nerf battles, water gun battles, paintball battles, kung fu battles, and jumping out of planes.

Past Classes

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M34: Hacking: Computer Security 101 in Splash 2010 (Apr. 03, 2010)
In this hands-on course, we will introduce students to the methods of offensive computer security (hacking). We will provide a brief overview of programming and computer hardware and then show students how to exploit common security holes. This course will be fast-paced. However, the course will be fun for all and students should expect to walk away with a better understanding of computer security. Teacher contact email (M34-teachers@esp.mit.edu) doesn't appear to be working at the time of this post. Email bogdan at u.northwestern.edu with questions.