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Splash at Northwestern: March 2nd, 2024!

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JAMES WOODRUFF, NU Grad Student Studying Robotic Manipulation

College: Northwestern University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year of Graduation: G

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I studied Mechanical Engineering in undergrad and am not in the Neuroscience and Robotics lab at Northwestern studying robotic manipulation.

I am also very interested in art and the use of engineering to create interactive art pieces.

Past Classes

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E302: The Science of Sound in Nature, Engineering, and Art in Splash 2017 (Apr. 29, 2017)
This class will go into what sound is, how it is created, and different methods of analyzing it. It will cover a wide variety of areas in biology, engineering, and art including the use of sound for animal navigation, the engineering of speakers and microphones, and the analysis of sound frequency for voice recognition and designing sound reactive art.

E273: The Rise of Robotics - An Overview of Robotic Systems in Splash 2014 (Apr. 06, 2014)
The course will give a brief history on the background of the robotics field and provide example of how robotic systems are used today in the manufacturing, biomedical, and military fields. This course will also explain some of the basic components of robotic systems that allow them to function.