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Splash at Northwestern: March 2nd, 2024!

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MATT DZUGAN, I'm a chill guy studying electrical engineering

College: Northwestern University

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year of Graduation: G

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I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, graduated from Wheaton Warrenville South High School (If you follow High School Football then I'm sure you've heard of it).

Currently I'm working towards my Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern.

Worst part of living in Evanston:
Everybody is a "Cubs Fan"

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Past Classes

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E81: Make a cool & simple Light-Circuit (that you can keep!) in Splash 2011 (Apr. 02, 2011)
In this class we will discuss the basics of what electronics do. I will talk about common parts that you can find inside any electronics device you can think of and what they do. Everyone in the class will build their own simple light and (hopefully) understand how it works!

E82: What happens when I press "send" on my cell phone? in Splash 2011 (Apr. 02, 2011)
If you're like me - you feel like you can't go anywhere today without seeing someone on their cell phone. So much is happening during this everyday process, but none of it we can see. We will discuss terms that many of you may have heard of (3G, 4G, frequency, signal) and find out what cell phones DO. The class will feature several easy-to-understand pictures that explain all the steps of the process.