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Splash at Northwestern: May 25th, 2024!

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ALEX LOWER, Sophomore engineer with broader interests.

College: Northwestern University

Major: Biomedical Eng/Psychology

Year of Graduation: 2015

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I am teaching both résumé writing and everyday yoga, and I know quite a bit about both. My résumé is essential in my previous and current searches for jobs and co-ops, it has gone through dozens of drafts, and it has been critiqued by many knowledgeable people, so now I want to pass along this advice to you. As for yoga, I've found that even a simple flow like the one I teach does wonders for relieving stress and reinvigorating the mind and body.

Past Classes

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X211: Writing a Winning Résumé in Splash 2013 (Apr. 06, 2013)
Having an exemplary résumé is key to landing jobs, internships, college acceptance, and many more opportunities. Learn how to take your experiences and present them in the best form possible. By the time you leave this class, you will have a great start on one of the most important documents of your life.

X212: Everyday Yoga and Relaxation in Splash 2013 (Apr. 06, 2013)
Yoga is a great way to destress and calm oneself and can easily be done at home. This class will introduce you to an easy vinyāsa flow and breathing techniques in order to make yoga personal, accessible, and practical to you in your lifestyle.

A130: Intro to Music Theory in Splash 2012 (Mar. 31, 2012)
A very basic introduction to music theory, covering scales, different keys, major and minor chords, chord sequences, and how to write music. I will use my ukulele to musically illustrate important concepts. The course is perfect for anyone wishing to better understand or play music.