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Splash at Northwestern: Spring Splash May 27th, 2023!

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ALLISON HAUSER, NU Mental Health Counseling Masters Student

College: Northwestern University

Major: Mental Health Counseling

Year of Graduation: 2023

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ABOUT: Allison Hauser is a Master's student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University. She is a therapist intern and owner of Allison Hauser Consulting, LLC. Co-founder of Counseling@NU's Psychedelics in Counseling group and part of C@NU Neuroscience Integration Lab, and the LGBTQIA Alliance.

She has a decade of experience working with arts and culture collectives (DIS NY, Mozilla UK, Taproot Foundation, Art Basel, National Organization of Arts in Health, Artz 4 Life Academy, Dali Museum, USA Gymnastics, Daddy Kool Records) and social justice groups (Love Has No Borders mutual aid, St. Pete Eco Village, The Well for Life Therapy, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice).

On her spiritual path she has been exposed to Reform Judaism, Kohenet Priestess Institute of Kabbalah, The Native American Red Road, Ifa and indigenous Aztec traditions. She is a yoga teacher and has lived on Seminole lands for most of her life. Pronouns = she/they.

Currently listening to Iniko, Nala Sinephro, Beach House, Her's, and The Polish Ambassador.

Past Classes

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X603: Screw the System (Respectfully): Mental Health in the COVID-19 Times, A Talk & Collab Sesh in Splash 2022 (Apr. 02, 2022)
You have now entered the group chat… Let’s talk mental health during COVID-19, then “make” mental health. This class is for YOU. For US. This is your ship. Steer it. I’ll guide us like the North Star, facilitating conversation and give some educational bits on wellness- what mainstream Western Psychology has to say and definitely the underground, the spiritual, and the original indigenous forms of health. I have activities we can pull from anytime (dance,"sound walks", ancestor nature rituals, meditations…) or go where the wind takes us. Bring your slivers of hope, wellsprings of feels, or lack thereofs! No vibe check at the door per se but do come game to discuss vibes you’ve picked up on over the last two years- within you and around you at home, school, family, the world… Bring your passions- music, art, words, dreams, nightmares... if you feel called to perform or share a skill with us, let’s collab. If you want to bring equipment for said passion, email me to get your thing approved (allisonhauser2023@u.northwestern.edu). Random things can also work. For example... bring masks and we can weave them to make a statement? Write poems on them? Must be safe for school campus. Again, email me to get it approved. Let’s rant, hang, and create the world we want to live in— starting right here in this room. This is our time to talk and do things we don’t normally get to in school and at home. Air it out. Work it out. Chill out. Move into the future. We can go deep, downtempo, or keep it fresh. Remember, this is your time. Feel into what you want this space to feel like and how you can contribute to that feel. BIPOC and LGBTQIA very friendly. Welcome fam. Any questions, please please please feel free to hit me up at my email (allisonhauser2023@u.northwestern.edu). Your Favorite Anarchist (Respectfully), Allison