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Splash at Northwestern: Spring Splash May 27th, 2023!

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ALISSA VOTH, 2nd year NU PhD in Music Composition

College: Northwestern University

Major: Music Composition

Year of Graduation: G

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Hello! I am a composer and educator getting my PhD at Northwestern University. As a musician, I have written and performed solo, chamber, and theater music. As a teacher, I have taught individuals and classes of all ages. My favorite educational experiences include teaching high school students with disabilities in Boston MA, and teaching Making Waves, a music and STEM program created by the Grammy Award winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion. My favorite composing experience was that one time I wrote an emo ballad about cookies burning in an oven with first graders.

I believe that you - yes, you - are a "music person," and I would love to explore sound creation and music making with you. I hope you will consider taking my course!

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