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Splash at Northwestern: May 25th, 2024!

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College: Northwestern University

Major: MSE

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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S608: Electron Microscopy - Exploring the Nanoscale in Splash 2022 (Apr. 02, 2022)
This course will go over how scientists characterize materials and objects on the micro to nano scale. We will cover what an electron microscope is and how it's different from standard light microscopy. We will go on a walk to collect and prep samples to go into a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Students will be able to put a sample in an electron microscope and get some hands on experience using it.

S463: Scanning Electron Microscopes: Tiny Science in Splash 2019 (Apr. 06, 2019)
In this class, we will use a high powered, super microscope that uses electrons to see the smallest scientific wonders. Ever wonder what a bug's eyeball looks like close up? Or maybe the pieces that make up the inside of your cell phone? Come spend an hour learning how scientists see the tiniest of things!

S374: What 'Jurassic Park' Got Wrong in Splash 2018 (Apr. 07, 2018)
Just how realistic was Jurassic Park's depiction of dinosaurs? Did they spew poison from their mouths? Did T-Rex only see you when you move? Was that Velociraptor really a clever girl? How do we know how dinosaurs behaved and what they looked like? Come learn how paleontologist speculate the life of dinosaurs and what Jurassic Park got right and wrong.