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MARIA DIKCIS, PhD Candidate, English Department

College: Northwestern University

Major: English

Year of Graduation: G

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Before entering the PhD program in English at Northwestern, Maria earned a BA in English and BS in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago and an MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. Currently, she is completing her dissertation "Ink, Wave, Signal, Code: Multiethnic American Poetry's Media Ecologies After 1960," which examines the intersections of 20th/21st century poetry and poetics, critical race and ethnicity studies, and media aesthetics. She has served as a Teaching Assistant for introductory courses ranging from "Shakespeare" to "Film and Its Literatures" to "Latina/o Studies," and in the spring of 2018 she designed and taught an expository writing class focused on representations of television across literary genres. During the 2019 spring quarter, Maria co-taught a course through Northwestern's inaugural Prison Education Program at the Cook County Department of Corrections, Division 6 titled "Introduction to Poetry: Voices, Rhythms, and Visions of Chicago." Her creative writing has been featured in the literary magazines Colloquium, Diminuendo, graze, and Palimpsest, and she is currently on the poetry staff of Chicago Review.

Past Classes

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H467: Poetry's Oddities, or What in the World is a Zeugma? in Splash 2019 (Apr. 06, 2019)
This course will move beyond a discussion of the most commonly taught poetic techniques such as metaphor, simile, and rhyme by providing an introduction to poetry’s more unusual and complex rhetorical devices, verse and stanza forms, and figures of speech. We will look in particular at the qualities and purposes of abecedarians, villanelles, zeugmas, ghazals, pantoums, and terza rima poems. Students keen on getting more involved with creative writing will find this course to be of particular interest, as we will have the opportunity to practice writing poems that make use of these devices and forms.